Friday, January 13, 2012

Longest Ride Since I was 15

I rode 52 miles today.  The last time I went this distance was 40 years ago when I was 15.  I rode my bike a lot back then.  My cousin and I would do 60 miles bike rides all the time.  However, after I got my drivers license the bike riding stopped.  Fast forward to 2011 and I am training for the Tinman Triathlon.  I had no real reason to ride more than 25 miles during training.  After the Tinman I pretty much put away the bike to focus on marathon training.

I had the day off today so I decided to take a ride out to the other side of the island.  To be more specific, I set my sights on Lanikai.  I knew this trip would take me over 3 hills... Heart Break Hill, Makapu'u Lookout and the Castle Junction in Kailua.  As usual, Heart Break Hill was a chore.  That hill really gets me breathing hard.  Shortly after Heart Break Hill I hit the hill leading up to the Makapu'u Lookout.  That hill is not too bad, but it still gets me breathing hard.  After the lookout I headed into Waimanalo and then to Castle Junction.  The road leading to Castle Junction is a two step hill.  I was expecting it to be bad too, but again, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  When I got to Kailua Beach Park I took a couple photos then headed into Lanikai.  All I could think about was that I had to head back through the same hills.  Yeah, maybe they are not really that bad, but doing them on tired legs has a way to make those hills look HUGE!  On the way back I cut part of the Castle Junction hill in half by riding through Enchanted Lakes.  My quads were beginning to feel quite fatigued by this time.  Worse, however, was my sit bones were hurting like a big dog.  Thankfully I wore regular bike shorts instead of my triathlon shorts.  I hardly ever wear bike shorts.

For this trip I only took 2 bottles of Gatorade.  I drank all of it by the time I hit 40 miles.  I also did not have breakfast.  Ok, so next time I will have some carbs the night before a long ride like this and maybe have a light breakfast.  I will also take my Camelbak Pack so I can carry more hydration.

After 52 miles I was glad to get home.  Doubling training mileage without building a base is a challenge.  I may have to do it again soon, though, as the Sharon's Ride for Epilepsy is right around the corner.  I think the worse part of the ride was the soreness I got from the saddle.

Here are some photos from the ride.

Leaving the Makapu'u Lookout

Rabbit Island.  Its Hawaiian name is "Manana" (which, btw, does not mean rabbit)

Makapu'u Beach

Clear waters below the lookout

Another photo of Makapu'u Beach and Rabbit Island

Sea Life Park

Keneke's - A popular health food establishment LOL!

Kailua Beach Park

Flat Island - A lot of folks use this place for training swims

The reason I took this picture is that you can see the 
island of Molokai (my home).  First of all click to enlarge.  
Then if you follow the horizon all the way to the right, 
you will see an island in the distance.  That is my home island.


  1. I was surprised at how sore my butt was after a (MUCH SHORTER) ride recently. I remember being impressed that it didn't take that long to "toughen up" last spring/summer, but shocked that if you don't continue riding regularly, you lose that quickly. And that was a CRAZY long ride! Is there anywhere to purchase hydration on the route? Convenience store? Seems like that long of a ride would be easier to refill half way or something. Never get tired of seeing your beautiful surroundings. We have some nice stuff, but not so much this time of year.

  2. Wow, great ride! I love the pictures too. They look like post cards.

    Yep, the sit bones need to build up a tolerance to the time in the saddle.

  3. Thinking that might be an overkill with the hydration. For my long ride (50 something miles), I usually ride with 1 bottle of Gu brew and 1 bottle of Hammer Perpetuem sipping every 20min. Usually have toast, a boiled egg and tea for breakfast. Works for me. Give it it a shot, if not you always can buy something from 7-11's and gas stations.

  4. Great ride dude!
    Cannot wait until my marathon training is over so I too can get back in the saddle.

    Love it when you share pictures like this with us!

  5. Nice ride. I always think I should be taking pictures, but lately I've been too busy trying not to get dropped by Sean or Andy. So pretty on that side of the island.
    Looking forward to seeing you at the Sharon's Ride. You're planning to do the whole metric? And I agree with Tri Cook, there are plenty of places to stop and grab some more water on that route, aren't there? The parks and stuff?

  6. Love those pictures, almost makes me forget about all the snow I shoveled today, of course I got to go sledding with my boys and nieces this afternoon afterwards so its a trade off.

  7. @tri cook... yeah, thats what I thought too. 2 bottles. and you're right, there are a bunch of places where i can buy a bottle of gatorade or water. i just did not want to leave my bike outside. yes, i will have a bite to eat before leaving.

    @dirtbag... taking pictures is just an excuse so i can take a break - LOL! i signed up for the whole metric, but i haven't decided on the distance yet. it will depend on the group with which i will be riding.

    @josiah... i used to live in the mainland u.s. for a while and i do miss the winter sports.

    1. No shame, bring it in. Why not, you're already wearing tights. Not like you're getting looks already. Haha.

  8. Great ride, man and the pictures always are great...

  9. Great pictures. For what it's worth, It might be worth having some solid food for longer bike rides. Personally, I can't stomach it on the run, but it is good for rides.


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